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One Sheet Solution Swab&Mask - Cleansing
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One Sheet Solution Swab&Mask - Cleansing

The 3-step cleansing kit consists of lip and eye makeup remover, gel to foam, and mask sheet, providing cleansing and moisturizing at once.


1. Take out STEP 1 Lip&Eyes Remover Swab and gently cleanse skin around the eyes and lips. Avoid contact with eyes.
2. After using Lip&Eyes Remover Swab(no need for separate facial washing), dispense an appropriate amount of STEP 2 Gel to Foam Cleanser onto the palm and gently apply on the entire face.
3. After adding water, remove base makeup while rubbing the face in a circular motion.
4. When while foam develops, wash off with lukewarm water. After using cleanser, no need to use cleansing foam separately.
5. Take out STEP 3 Hydrating Mask Sheet and closely attach on the face while aligning with the shape of the face.
6. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet, and gently tap the face to promote absorption into skin.


1. Use only as directed.
2. Avoid storing in high/low temperatures or in areas exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Stop using if it causes any allergic reaction or any problems arising.

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