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Dear My Blooming Lips Talk
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Dear My Blooming Lips Talk

Various girlish-pink colors inspired lipstick with lightweight and soft texture.

How to apply

- For a glossy effect: Apply a touch of clear gloss over your lipstick for a beautiful pout.
- For a perfect lip shape: Start in the middle of the lips, smoothing out to the corners of the mouth.
- For a natural look: Tap on lips several times.


RD307.jpg RD307.jpg RD304.jpg RD304.jpg PK002.jpg PK002.jpg PK019.jpg PK019.jpg PK006.jpg PK006.jpg PK012.jpg PK012.jpg PK011.jpg PK011.jpg RD302.jpg RD302.jpg OR223.jpg OR223.jpg BE104.jpg BE104.jpg RD303.jpg RD303.jpg BE101.jpg BE101.jpg RD308.jpg RD308.jpg OR224.jpg OR224.jpg PK014.jpg PK014.jpg