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Lovely Cookie Blusher
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Lovely Cookie Blusher

Blusher that supplies cheeks with vivid color for a healthy and gorgeous look. Easy and fun to apply with powder puff.


Tap powder puff onto blusher 1-2 times and lightly apply onto cheeks.


07-Rose-Sugar-Macaroon.jpg 07-Rose-Sugar-Macaroon.jpg 01-Strawberry-Mousse.jpg 01-Strawberry-Mousse.jpg 02-Strawberry-Shoe.jpg 02-Strawberry-Shoe.jpg 06-Grapefruit-Jelly.jpg 06-Grapefruit-Jelly.jpg 05-Apricot-Pudding.jpg 05-Apricot-Pudding.jpg 04-carrot-Cheese-Cake.jpg 04-carrot-Cheese-Cake.jpg 09-Sweetberry-Muffin.jpg 09-Sweetberry-Muffin.jpg 03-Raspberry-Tarts.jpg 03-Raspberry-Tarts.jpg 10-Peach-Parfait.jpg 10-Peach-Parfait.jpg