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Look At My Eyes Cafe
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Look At My Eyes Cafe

A highly pigmented eyeshadow with silky texture for smooth application and deep eye makeup.
- Deep & Mellow: Arranging eye shape and make natural but deep and mellow eye looks.
- Light & Soft Texture: Soft & silky touch texture applied for feather-light and soft application like satin and helping makeup last longer.

How to apply

1. Use the index finger to apply on eyes broadly and evenly.
2. Gradate shades to appropriate eye region.
3. For dramatic, smoky eye, or point-makeup, use the middle finger to create the definition in the crease.
*Start with the lightest colors and work your way to the darkest no to wash your hands repeatedly throughout the process.


BK802.jpg BK802.jpg BR402.jpg BR402.jpg BR404.jpg BR404.jpg BE102.jpg BE102.jpg PP501.jpg PP501.jpg PK001.jpg PK001.jpg BR403.jpg BR403.jpg BE101.jpg BE101.jpg BR401.jpg BR401.jpg